Quality And Food Safety

Hygiene for food companies must- d’Or, but this right must always his, do not mean that food security can not be entrusted to the well-intentioned declarations. When it comes to food and safety, we need more than just hope that things will work out. For example, quality policies are based on scientific knowledge and related business processes and procedures. However, this is not enough, the effective functioning of inspection and control mechanisms is essential to ensure the safety of the food produced.

At DOKTOR ET, we produce not only from our own experience but also from the experience of the entire food industry. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that we benefit from the knowledge of all quality control and management systems. We use this important management tool, which consists of namely Plan-Do-Check-Act, at every stage of production, and thus constantly improve and strengthen our quality and food safety policies.

In this direction;

  • We make regulations in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, follow the most progressive and new food safety practices in our sector, and take ourselves as an example.
  • We provide all our employees with basic training, increase their knowledge and skills on food safety, and raise their awareness.
  • In our relations with our suppliers, we act by keeping our sensitivities on the subject in the foreground, and we inspect their compliance with our quality requirements.
  • By creating various control levels in our business processes, we become competent in risk management, not crisis management. We know that every check should be made as if it were the last check.
  • We constantly improve ourselves on issues that we consider vital, such as environment, health, work, and worker health and safety.
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